Friday, February 3, 2012


... I went to Panera Bread with my husband for breakfast because they have the best tasting souffle's. Souffle how I love thee... let me count the ways.. Thanks Renee for the tip... now I'm hooked.

... I had a ham and swiss souffle with coffee. My husband had two spinach and artichoke souffles with British breakfast tea. Also. I made sure to get two brownies for us to snack on tonight while we watched Grimm.

... I got back home, sat on my bed and began clicking away on my laptop and staring at the amazing decor that I stumbled across. Wow! Okay, I can't help it, I'm drooling... but I'm also getting sooooo inspired.


...I'm reading: Karin Fossum's, 'Bad Intentions.' This book is like M&M's. .. it's stuck to my fingers. Help! I love it and I can't put it down.

... my husband and I have been watching old episodes of Grimm that we missed on, On Demand, (I mentioned this earlier). It's rare that my husband and I enjoy the same tv shows, so it's pretty cool when we can snuggle up on the couch for the night without fighting over what to watch. Oh, c'mon, a woman can only take so much of the History and Military channels.

By the way, this is David Guintoli, the guy who plays Grimm.

And this is, Russell Hornsby, who plays Grimm's partner in the movie. Some of you may recognize him from Lincoln Heights.

Hey, if there are any Grimm fans out there, I want to hear from you.

... or this evening, rather. I put my Kool and the Gang CD in the CD player and turned up the volume. I used to have such a crush on J.T. Besides, I was in that 'oldies ' kind of mood. Not the moldy oldies, mind you, but more like... a little stale. My favorites are Ladies Night, Celebration, Get Down on It, Let's Go Dancing, (Ooh,La,La,La) and Too Hot.

Do you remember that dessert that I picked up this morning from Panera Bread? Well, I saved my brownie just for tonight, even though my husband couldn't hold out and ended up eating his hours ago. As usual, it was delicious... especially with a hot cup of tea.

Well, that was pretty much how my day went. Not spectacular but at least I had the day off and the weather was nice. Until next time.


  1. What a lovely All-Sorts posting.... with a little of this and that to whet our appetites to read further.

    That ham and swiss souffle looks absolutely yumptious... no wonder you're smitten.

    And I loved how you said the book you're reading 'sticks like M&M's'... cute.

    Wishing you a marvelous day..........

  2. That place looks so georgous

  3. I've never had breakfast from Panera before! That souffle looks really good! So do the pictures!