Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

 Hello and Happy Valentines Day.

You know, there's this guy that I work with that believes Valentines day is a woman's holiday. I don't agree with him and believe me, I did a pretty good job of voicing my opinion about how ridiculous I thought he sounded. To my surprise, with the exception of one man, it turns out that every other guy I asked on the job felt that the holiday was strictly for women, too. In my opinion, Valentines Day is celebrated all over the world and nowhere in history has it ever been noted that this romantic holiday was specifically for the ladies.

So I asked my husband what he thought about it and he agreed with the men saying that he felt it was a sentimental holiday. He said that if there were no Valentines Day, it wouldn't bother him one bit since he's not driven by emotion. He told me that since I'm an emotional creature, I would probably feel different about losing Valentines day. Well yeah, but my response was, "Wait a minute, did you just call me a creature???"... LoL.

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that almost every box of chocolates is heart shaped, with lots of pink, red and pretty bows. And yes... I also know that my husband would probably have my head examined if I presented him with a dozen roses... BUT... I think that the guys are forgetting something here. What about when we give you breakfast in bed, or leave the hamburger helper on the shelf in the pantry and prepare one super amazing home cooked dinner just for y-o-u. Hey and what about the 124 cards that we read through carefully at the Hallmark store until we found the absolute perfect one... and let's not forget that backrub. So there, in my opinion, everything balances out. This holiday is to bring the 'couple' closer together... it's soooo not just for 'her.'

Now, I'm curious and I'd like to ask for your opinions. Tell me, fellow blogger's, what do think? Is Valentines Day for the man, the woman, or for both? 


  1. Guys just don't get it. My x-husband thought the day was for practical jokes and junk. I was not impressed - notice that it is X husband!

  2. You had me laughing right out loud on this one! I thought you were writing about my hubby...... (except I don't recall being called a 'creature'... yet....LOL)

    Well, to be honest, although I'd love Valentine's Day to be about the sharing of love with one's partner... from what I 'hear' out there, lots of guys grumble as they HAVE to buy flowers or chocolates on this day. And I can see their point.

    There's a big difference about giving when it's from a 'want-to' than when it's expected because H*allmark or whoever else says you must do this (or be in the doghouse). To me, they might as well keep it.

    Over our relationship my hubby and I have exchanged cards... and he's given me flowers or lovely chocolate, or we've gone out for a nice dinner. But I know, to him, it's not that important to him if I don't 'give' him something in return.

    I think it's lovely of him to celebrate in some fashion even though it's more meaningful to me than him.

  3. Love your blog!! ^____^
    Keep on blogging!


  4. I love those delicious looking chocolates. I agree with you, Valentines Day is most certainly not a holiday for emotional creatures Lol. I love your Blog!

  5. Every picture on your blog is like a chocolate sundae for my eyes.

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