Thursday, February 23, 2012


If I was a rich girl
Na na na na na na na na na na na
See, I'd have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy girl.

Okay, my house would look something like this... pretty cool, huh?

Yes, this would be the view from my backyard. I love the infiniti pool. Never mind that I never learned to swim. Ssshhh... rules don't apply in this rich girl fantasy. 

Just like before, my morning would begin with a long, hot shower. Except in my fantasy bathroom, my elbow won't keep bumping the wall while I'm drying off. 

Hmmm, what to wear... what to wear.

... And yes... my fantasy, my thinner body, so I would definitely be able to pull this off.

Then I'd whip up a big batch of pancakes for everybody in this amazing kitchen.

Then darling hubby and I would sit in the living room where he asks, "So, what do you have planned for today?" That's when I'd remember that he called me an 'emotional creature' on Valentine's day so I'd say, "Spend your money, of course, dear."

I'd hop in my Ferrari 458 and  go on a major shopping spree with darling hubby's credit card. Then I'd stop at the video store to pick up a couple of movies for the family to watch later.

We'd have a little dinner first... just a typical rich girl, week night meal.

Mmmm hmmm... then we'd all watch those movies in our theater room.

It's funny but in my rich girl fantasy, my daughter doesn't mind if I tuck her in for the night, even though she's 19.

Then I'd tuck in my younger daughter who I never ever bump heads with in this wonderful fantasy.

Then hubby and I would turn in, too... and wouldn't you know it... he wouldn't want to stay up late to play his xbox or watch something incredibly boring on the history channel. He'd even promise to spend his next day off watching Lifetime movies with me all day.  


  1. Dream on girl. Maybe, some day, huh!

  2. Sounds dreamy. I hope it comes true for you one day


  3. “If I was a rich girl…”---and there my imagination rioted (*_*) Hahaha! Well, it looks like we have the same dreams in life. :p A huge house, a very nice car, wonderful clothes. But one of my biggest dreams in life is to have an awesome home theater!! I love watching movies! And I really look forward to having a spectacular home theater room, with complete components, from LCD projectors, to 5.1 surround sound speakers, to a cozy sofa, and all that. Woohooh!! :D

    Louisa Hemstreet

  4. Fantastic! The photos really remind me of MTV’s Cribs. Having a luxurious car, huge house, and fabulous clothes and accessories is indeed a wonderful fantasy. (*.*) How I wish we can also have this in real life. Haha! If I were an extremely rich girl, I would love to have an awesome home theater room that has a custom design and high-tech multimedia features.

    Angel Garcia

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