Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stop thief!

What is the world coming to? I know it's harder for the animal kingdom to find food during the winter months... but seriously??? 

Hey everyone, I would like to introduce my friend, Alice from Alice Brown Creations. She made this beautiful card for me, for my daughter's birthday. Don't you just love it? She is an amazing artist and can work her magic to make a custom card for you, too. So, support an artist and have your cards personalized for a special gift for the one you love and or appreciate. Feel free to visit her blog at

This is the inside of the card... sooo cute.

Okay, I really thought I was done with the weird shoes but who knew I'd actually find more!

Hmmm... Glass slippers on steroids??? I wonder what Cinderella would think of these babies? Okay, I haven't done this in ages but speaking of Cinderella... (Fairy tale category and Jeopardy question of the day)... When did the story of Cinderella first appear? What is 1697 or 1731 or 1899?

Give up yet? The answer is... 1697.   

Quote of the Day

Enjoy your weekend. Stay safe and keep warm.


  1. The heels are just too weird. You said birds were not smart.
    Very different music - not sure I've ever heard it before.

  2. Oh I love that invitation! I'm heading over to her blog now, thanks for the info.

  3. How cute is the invitation ;) Love it.. I LOVE Beyonce's shoe in Run The World, although, where would I wear them..? hmmm.. lollol..

  4. Enjoyed the visit....

    What interesting shoes you discover!

    That gull is pretty swift, isn't he... did you notice he does walk in a little cautiously but it's out like a flash with that bag of treats!