Monday, March 18, 2013

Little Decks

Hello again, I believe I already mentioned that we moved in December and since spring is right around the corner, I can't wait to finally sit outside on our deck for the first time. I absolutely love sitting outside in my wicker chair, with a good book and a cup of morning coffee or an ice cold glass of lemonade. To me, it's sooo relaxing. Now I will say that our new deck is the tiniest deck that I've ever seen... no joke. As a matter of fact, it's the size of most balconies. Don't get me wrong though, I adore my little deck, it's one of my favorite features. It's just that I've been wondering how I should go about decorating a deck that's so small. I've also been wondering if entertaining more than two people at a time is a possibility, especially when the table alone can take up half the space? I certainly want to make the most of the space and use every inch of it wisely. I've been hunting around for some inspiration pictures and thankfully now, I have a ton of ideas. Hopefully, you'll be inspired, too. 

1 best 10 patio design ideas Best 10: Patio design ideas

Create a Cozy Small Space

Arrange Outdoor Furniture Effectively

And last but not least, just when I didn't think I could find any more crazy shoes out there, I happened to come across the strangest pair ever on MSN last week. Check these babies out...LoL!

Ugly shoes


  1. I don't care much for the hoof heels but all those decks were lovely.

  2. Some of those decks are to die for! I really love the one with the wicker furniture/beige cushions under the lush greenery, with the candelabra, just gorgeous! As for the shoes, hilarious!!

  3. Cow feet cracked me up. Do people really wear stuff like that ?
    You have a neat blog here and I shared it around the social networks. Blog a day, that's what I say !

  4. Hi Dee....I just noticed your comment about my Mammoth Header picture....after I changed it. I put another of my photos of a sea gull who landed on the railing of our room while staying at a hotel in Laguna Beach....he was a curious fellow...or inquisitive female....just like me...wondering about my life's purpose... Thank you for the compliment. I like your blog too.

    You have selected several nice photos for inspiration for decorating your patio. We also enjoy an extended outdoor living space....I had an inspirational photo to launch my creativity on designing our patio too. Good Luck. I will follow you so I can check back on your progress.

  5. OMG! These are perfect patios for a flat in the city. Your patio collection maximized every inch of space and utilized it properly. I'm in love with the patio from the 4th picture to the last. It looks so dreamy with all the lights that's surrounding the whole patio. I would like to have a patio like this someday. :)

    Angelina Garcia

  6. Those are really inspiring photos! But what really struck me is the seventh photo. Though the space was quite small, the designer was able to make it look spacious. He/she was even able to put a portable grill, a mini bar, and lovely furniture! Totally love the refreshing and relaxing atmosphere of the place! Maybe it’s because of the plants around the deck. Anyway, have you started updating your deck? I’d love to see a photo of it. ->Keaton Oakes

  7. There are many things that you can do to make your deck appealing and functional, no matter how small the space is. Let your imagination and creativity work. For seating, purchase at least two small chairs that will fit your space. Don’t overdecorate the area. Remember that less is more, and it’s more pleasant to relax in a deck with less deco. Consider adding potted plants to freshen up the deck, but don’t let these plants make the area look cramped. #Leah